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Inherited Homes

Did you aquire a home unexpectedly?

It’s wonderful when a relative gives you a house through their will. But, for many, when they inherit a house unexpectedly, they become obligated for any mortgage payments, insurance premiums, taxes and liens or debts in relation to the property. It becomes more complicated if you share the house rights with others or live far away.

We've noticed that it becomes a burden more often than a blessing for most people.

What are your options for selling an inherited house?

People who want to sell their homes will typically opt to go the traditional route of listing with an agent. There are a lot of upfront costs including updates, repairs, deep cleanings, and house staging to prepare it for a sale. They also have to work to coordinate with multiple parties to ensure a successful sale. There's almost no way to secure a quick sale.

What does Whitlock Acquisitions offer you?

It’s simple & easy.


We are able to offer you a quick cash sale. There will be no need for you to clean or make repairs. 

We can close your house within 21 days. We can give you a firm cash offer. As long as all of the inheritors must agree with the offer. You will not pay any closings costs. 

We want to treat every situation as unique so that we can help you the best way we can.

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