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Closing in 21 Days

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Need To Sell Your Home?

There are a few circumstances that may require you to sell your home. Here are the ones that Whitlock Acquisitions can be your solution for:


Are you facing foreclosure? Everyone experiences hard times. Debt is a major stressor for all of us. We can buy your home before it's taken to auction. This is an oppourtunity that will allow you to ease stress and walk away with CASH.


Are you looking to move, retire or downsize? Whether it be for necessity or personal interest, Whitlock Acquisitions can close a deal in as little as 21 days. There is no need to wait on financing contingencies, appraisals, or showings when you receive an offer at FAIR MARKET VALUE today!

Inherited Home

Did you recently inherit a home you don't have time for? Are the associated bills piling up? Is the landscape getting out of control? Are there too many repairs to deal with? We want to help! Let us take this burden off of your hands with an AS-IS purchase.

Liquifying Assets

Real estate decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s important to take an informed approach. With our popular Full Consultation service, you can count on us to guide you through every step of the process.

Sell Your House For Cash

Reimagine the way you sell your home.

Forget closing costs, open houses & showings. Sell your property AS-IS and close in as little as 21 Days.

Our goal is to be the solution you need for the process to be as easy as possible.

Don't want to wait for an emailed response? Call Georgia Cash Offers at 678-576-1105 

Hunters Ridge.jpg

Want to Buy An Investment Property?

We can help you with finding a property in Georgia to invest in.

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